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Scott T: 117 lbs. Lost

Scott T 117 lbs Lost

Scott T. was more than 100 pounds overweight. With a BMI of 42, Scott fit the classification of morbid obesity. He quickly came to the realization that if he chose to ignore his weight, he would be facing years of pills, procedures, and poor health.

Prior to weight loss, Scott’s blood sugar level put him in the pre-diabetes category. Had Scott not lost weight, he was headed towards a diabetes diagnosis. His cholesterol and his blood pressure were both elevated. Despite being only in his 40’s, Scott was hampered by joint pain which was significant enough to affect his quality of life.

Scott started the OPTIFAST program in September of 2011. In 8 months he lost 117 pounds. He has maintained his weight loss for 1½ years now.

Scott’s success with weight loss allowed him to discontinue the medication he took for high blood pressure. His blood sugar and cholesterol are now both within the normal range. He no longer has joint pain and can walk as many as 50 miles each week! Scott’s BMI dropped from 42 to a very healthy 25!

Since reaching his goal weight 1½ years ago, Scott has not been sick at all. He attributes that to his improved health resulting from weight loss and to better nutrition. “I feel 10 years younger!” states Scott.

Scott’s awareness of food regarding calories and nutrition has improved due to his willingness to learn from the CONCI dietitians. Scott was shocked when he realized he drank one pound of sugar weekly in the form of regular pop! Awareness is the first step to habit changes that are necessary for long-term weight maintenance.