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Sean G.: 261 Pounds Lost


Sean welcomed his daughter into the world when he was heavier than he had ever been. He also took on the responsibility of a child when his health was nose-diving due to his weight. Getting uncomfortably close to 500 pounds, Sean was dealing with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver, and gastric reflux which are all medical problems that a man in his 30’s shouldn’t be facing. These medical issues are most commonly due to excess weight. Not only was his weight affecting his health, it also caused him to struggle being the husband and father he wanted to be. Taking on both the role and responsibility of a first-time father, he knew he needed to make a big change…and soon.

His doctor recommended CONCI and the OPTIFAST program. After meeting with the CONCI staff, Sean felt he found the professionals he could trust to help him get the weight off safely and quickly. Having found a place where the staff showed genuine interest in helping him regain his health, he could see why his doctor suggested CONCI.

In 12 months Sean lost 261 pounds! He lost 55% of his body weight and reduced his body fat from 44% to 12%. BMI (Body Mass Index) decreased from 73 to 27! His waist size is 36 inches instead of 75! Sean is a great example of how determination gave him the strength to stay on a liquid diet for an entire year. He ate only one meal during that 12-month timeframe – on Thanksgiving Day 2017! Sean stayed focused by seeing consistent progress and by keeping in mind the long-term benefits, especially better health.

Life is good! Now Sean can easily chase his toddler daughter around the house and get down on the floor to play with her. Helping with household chores is not a problem. The little everyday things that were a burden at his heaviest are an afterthought now.

Sean co-hosts a podcast called DROP THE NEEDLE with a couple of friends. The podcast’s theme is addiction/recovery. Although never addicted to drugs or alcohol, Sean has learned that his relationship with food was similarly unhealthy. His weight loss experience is allowing him to share his journey with a newfound perspective.

Sean takes nothing for granted. He is expecting maintenance to be challenging but has a great support person in his wife. She has recently come to the end of her weight loss journey on OPTIFAST, having lost 128 pounds in 8 months!