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Sharon B: 53 lbs Lost

sharon b weight loss success

Sharon B. is an example of a CONCI patient who was interested in a weight loss option other than the OPTIFAST program. Looking for a more traditional approach to weight loss, Sharon opted for a calorie-controlled food plan that was supervised by a registered dietitian. She found the diet she was looking for, the registered dietitian that gave her the motivation/accountability that she needed, and the success that she so desperately wanted at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center.

In January of 2013 Sharon was struggling with foot pain and knee issues that required injections to control pain. She was also shocked to receive the diagnosis of pre-diabetes. Her health problems prompted her to make food and lifestyle changes in an attempt to lose the weight that had undoubtedly contributed to her medical concerns. Sharon began regular visits with a CONCI dietitian at the Bethel  Road office in January of 2013 and lost about 27 pounds. Discouraged when she hit a plateau, Sharon sought a “quick fix” elsewhere.  Regretful of her decision to seek help elsewhere, Sharon returned to the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and the professional guided supervision she received there, and is now down an additional 26 pounds. “I receive the motivation I need from Jody (dietitian) and the Central Ohio Nutrition Center,” stated Sharon. In 28 months, Sharon lost 53 pounds.

Great things happened health-wise for Sharon! Her BMI (body mass index) dropped from 35 to 26. Her waist circumference decreased by 7 inches. Foot and knee pain are no longer problematic thanks to weighing 53 pounds less. Sharon enthusiastically reported that her primary care physician no longer considers her pre-diabetic based on improved bloodwork results! Her blood pressure dropped well into the normal range as well.

Sharon realized that she had to take seriously the changes necessary. She followed the dietitian’s recommendations carefully and weighed and measured her food. She eats totally differently than she had prior to losing weight. Sharon is a great example of a senior citizen who has worked to maintain an active lifestyle. Throughout her weight loss journey she learned how to exercise with a physical therapist and a personal trainer. She walks, hikes, swims, dances, and attends Silver Sneaker classes. She is an avid traveler and did so during her entire weight loss journey. She took a train trip from Chicago to Montana and visited Alaska, Israel, and San Diego, all while practicing her new “attitude” towards food.  She is a glowing example of how it is possible to lose weight no matter where you are or what you are doing if you plan, set rules, keep active, and stay true to yourself and your goals.