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Stacey: 95 lbs. Lost

Stacey lost 95 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

Focus on Internal Health Results in 95 Pound Weight Loss

Wanting to see results quickly, Stacey chose to follow the OPTIFAST program. After having lost 84 pounds in nine months, Stacey lost another 11 in the maintenance  phase of the program. Her weight dropped from 209 pounds to 114. She has been maintaining a 95 pound loss for two years now. She continues to stay involved with CONCI’s maintenance program which she feels is crucial for her continued success.

How does she do it? By reminding herself about the failing health of her family members and loved ones and knowing their health issues are the result of poor exercise and eating habits.  Stacey is determined to avoid going  down the same path. She focuses on the ‘internal’ health benefits rather than the ‘external’ vanity aspect. Another ‘perk’ to staying healthy through diet and exercise is that she spends no money on prescription medications. Co-pays can quickly add up when taking multiple medications.

Stacey has learned a lot during her weight loss journey. She knows the old ways of eating have to be a thing of the past. She realizes that what goes into her mouth is ultimately her decision. Blame cannot be put elsewhere. Packing her lunch daily is now just a part of her routine. Making time for regular exercise has to be a priority. She has found a plan that works for her and she stays consistent, reminding herself that this is what she has chosen to do. And, IT IS WORKING!!