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Stephanie P: 30 lbs Lost

Stephanie P Weight Loss Success
Stephanie P. is a health professional who for years had been unsuccessful losing weight.  Despite being an active person with relatively healthy habits, her weight would not budge.   Although fortunate to have not yet seen health issues resulting from her excess weight, Stephanie had long been frustrated that “her outside did not match her inside.” Stephanie described shopping for clothes as an “abysmal and defeating experience that frequently ended in tears.”

Stephanie found the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and the OPTIFAST program because of a co-worker who was a patient at CONCI. Her marked weight loss in a short period of time prompted Stephanie to inquire about how she achieved such success. Stephanie was concerned about the safety of such a drastic approach to weight loss, so she researched OPTIFAST and was convinced that it was safe, healthy, and met all her nutritional needs.

Stephanie began the OPTIFAST program in January 2014 and lost 30 pounds by the end April.  In the four months it took to lose 30 pounds, she took 8 inches off her waist. She transitioned to a food plan after meeting her goal and, in the past three months, continued to lose an additional 5 pounds.

Stephanie describes her maintenance diet as an 80/20 plan. She eats reasonably at least 80% of the time but will allow herself some indulgence the remaining 20%. She exercises daily. She does not kid herself; she stays committed to maintaining the “new me.”

Stephanie’s advice to others is that “OPTIFAST works in the short-term if one is compliant and in the long-term if one is willing to commit to a lifestyle change.”

Shopping for clothes is now fun. During a recent shopping trip Stephanie reached for a size that she thought would fit. The sales associate intervened, telling her that she needed a smaller size. The smaller size fit perfectly. The mirror reflected a Stephanie that she had not seen for two decades.  She silently cried in the dressing room…this time joyfully.