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Stephen: 76 lbs Lost

At his last physical, Stephen Jenkins was given the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. His physician gave him the ultimatum of “make lifestyle changes” or be prepared to begin four medications to control blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.

At about the same time, a friend who had been successful on OPTIFAST encouraged Stephen to check out the program. But, busy with work and life, Stephen kept putting it off. Then, a good friend made the following statement which made Stephen stop and think, and resonates with him to this day. “Our health in our 40’s will dictate our quality of life in our retirement years.” Wow! Stephen recalled colleagues who retired with health problems, some of which faced early deaths. These colleagues traveled extensively like Stephen…they routinely ate all meals in restaurants, just like Stephen…they were overweight, just like Stephen…they did this for years, just like Stephen. Reality struck! He was going down the same road! No more putting off what he knew he had to do.

Stephen began the OPTIFAST program in June of 2012. By the end of January Stephen had lost 76 pounds with just 5 to go to reach his goal weight. As he lost weight, he was more excited about the improvement in his blood work than he was about his decreasing weight. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure all returned to normal.

Stephen has no problem listing other fringe benefits of weight loss: smaller and better looking clothes, complements from others, and a boost in self-confidence. Career-wise, he feels that he is taken more seriously in business and respected more than previously. Seeing the obvious change in how others relate to him now, Stephen sadly recalls first-hand the societal prejudice of those who are heavy, both socially and professionally.

Stephen’s advice to others is “Take care of yourself. It will make a difference now and in those retirement years we all look forward to. If you want your senior years to be high quality, examine your health habits now and change the ones that are doing you no good.”