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Steve S: 123 lbs Lost

Steve S 123 lbs Lost

Steve S. “felt like he was dying.” Now over 300 pounds, he was heavier than he had ever been. His health was being seriously impacted. He was taking two medications for high blood pressure and medication for high cholesterol and for gout. His blood sugar levels were inching toward diabetes. His breathing was becoming labored, and he could not be on his feet without pain. Concerned for his patient’s health, his doctor referred him for bariatric surgery.

Wanting to lose weight without surgery, Steve set out looking for a program that offered fast results, but one that was also safe. Feeling comfortable with the OPTIFAST program, Steve began the diet early in 2015 and lost 123 pounds in five months.

Steve feels alive again! He enjoys better quality sleep and can be on his feet without pain. Working as a chef and always standing, he is now much more comfortable at work. His blood sugar is completely within normal range. He no longer needs cholesterol or blood pressure medication. His waist size dropped from 56 to 44 with a 35% reduction in his weight.

Steve just celebrated his second wedding anniversary and his new lease on life! Looking back, he can see how eating the high calorie food that he cooks at work affected both his weight and the weight of his co-workers. His maintenance plan includes using a few OPTIFAST supplements daily to help keep his calories in check and to “eat at home and not at work.