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Steve Z: 79 lbs Lost

Steve Z 79 lbs Lost

Steve Z. admits that he is an emotional eater. He lost 100 pounds in 1981 on the OPTIFAST program but gradually regained as he once again turned to food to deal with emotions. Many years went by and, as the weight climbed, he saw a decline in his health. After a three hour spinal surgery and before sending Steve to rehab for 21 days, his neurosurgeon said that if Steve did not lose weight in the next 12 months he would be dead. Needless to say, that statement got Steve’s attention. He had to do something about his weight if he wanted to live to see his five grandchildren grow up.

Having had great success with OPTIFAST in the past, Steve did not hesitate to return to the program and the professionals at CONCI. Although not yet at his goal weight, Steve has lost 79 pounds so far and continues on the program. His overall health has greatly improved, especially in regard to diabetes control. A reduction in visceral fat, the type of fat that is the most dangerous, is evident with his seven inch drop in waist size. Steve reports a definite improvement in self-esteem and mobility.

As Steve looks ahead in regard to maintaining his weight loss, he knows that he has to address his tendency to eat in response to emotion. He plans to continue contact with CONCI for accountability. He knows he can count on the staff for support but also realizes he is ultimately in charge of his decisions about food. A change in his response to emotion will be key to keeping his weight from returning.