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Steven M: 85 lbs Lost

steven m weight loss success

Steven M. struggled with weight since adolescence. At age 22 he already weighed 279. Currently trying to enjoy retirement, he noticed how much his weight was impacting the lifestyle he wanted. He found himself staying home more and more, interacting with people less and less. Any type of exercise became increasingly difficult. He described himself as a “hermit” considering the life he was living.

Steven had no doubt he was motivated since he decided to start the OPTIFAST a week before Christmas 2015. By January 1, 2016 he had already lost 11 pounds. After ten months of strict adherence to the program, he reached his goal of losing 85 pounds.

Steve’s health and lifestyle both benefited from weight loss. Prior to starting the program Steven’s blood pressure was dangerously high. His blood pressure is now normal without the use of any medication. A pleasurable activity of his is walking. He now walks up to 7 miles each day and tracks his steps using a pedometer. His cardiovascular health is much improved with his consistent walking. Yard work and mowing the grass are now easy tasks for him. Wearing slacks has become a nice alternative to sweat pants!

Steven is no longer a hermit! Visiting family and friends is getting him out of the house. A terrific pat on the back came from co-workers at his former workplace who commended him on a job well done! Spending less time on the computer and less time watching television, Steven is out and about living the retirement he so looked forward to.

“You can do anything you truly want to do. I gave up alcohol in 1982 and soda pop August 2014. I am staying away from foods I know I can’t control. CONCI helped me lose weight safely and is providing me with the accountability that I know will help keep me on track.”

Good advice, Steven!