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Susan: 175 lbs. Lost

Susan weight loss success

175 Pound Weight loss in Mom’s Memory

Losing a parent is devastating for all of us, including Susan. Her difficulty accepting the loss of her mother prompted her to seek the help of a counselor. As part of the healing process, her counselor suggested she do something her mom would be proud of. That ‘something’ was losing weight.

Susan knew that her mother had been greatly worried about her medical problems – diabetes, hypertension, knee pain, and metabolic syndrome. Knowing that weight loss would greatly improve her medical situation, she was confident her mother would be thrilled to see her daughter’s weight and health come under control.

Susan started the OPTIFAST program at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) in July of 2005. She credits the support she received from her husband and family as the key to her success. After 18 months of complete compliance on OPTIFAST, Susan has reached her goal of 175 pound loss!

Since her weight loss, Susan has discontinued use of two medications she used to control her diabetes and the three medications she used to treat her hypertension. She has a new lease on life!