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Susan: 75 lbs. Lost

Susan: 75 lbs Lost

Susan Kinney’s world drastically changed 3 years ago when her husband died. In her search for a “new normal,” Susan realized she was spending too much time bemoaning a situation that she could not change, and that it was time for her to explore how she could move on and improve her life. She slowly found a new purpose and began making a new life for herself. Things were falling into place except for one thing. Her weight continued to be out of control.

After retiring, Susan became an aquatics instructor for those with health and injury issues. It bothered her that because of her weight she was not a very good role model. She felt that her weight sent the wrong message to her class members who were there for health reasons. She decided that if her purpose was to teach others to become fit she needed to become fit herself.

It was time to become a role model and time to get her remaining “life issue” under control. Susan chose the OPTIFAST program because she wanted quick results. She chose CONCI because she wanted the personal, weekly guidance that the clinic offers. Susan began her weight loss journey in February 2011 and reached her goal in July 2011. Never deviating from the program, Susan lost 75 pounds.

Weight loss has been such a positive experience for Susan. Her medical issues prior to starting the diet included high blood pressure, high triglycerides, arthritis in her back and knees, and elevated blood sugar that was creeping toward diabetes. Her blood pressure is now normal without any medication, as are her triglyceride and blood glucose levels. Her back and knees feel so much better.

The emotional benefits of her weight loss are many as well. Her non-wavering motivation during weight loss proved to Susan that she is capable of doing whatever she wants to do. Her confidence level has soared. She is now “comfortable in her own skin” and enjoys shopping for clothes again. She is relieved to no longer be “the only overweight person in her family.”

Susan has taken on the responsibility of being a role model for her class participants as well as to anyone struggling with weight. She feels she has transformed her life and hopes to pass on her weight loss message to many people.

How could Susan manage to avoid eating food for 5 months while on the OPTIFAST program? She put it in the context of her life situation. In the past few years, she has managed to get on with her life after her husband died. She knew that if she could move on in her life, she could do anything, including losing weight. “Nothing else could be harder than losing my husband,” stated Susan.