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Susan F: 64 lbs. Lost

Susan F. lost 65 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and OPTIFAST

This Is Why We Do What We Do…

We received this letter from a patient who has come to CONCI for weight loss, but who chose to follow a diet plan different than the OPTIFAST program. Susan followed an 800 calorie food plan which required careful measurement of her food in order to not exceed 800 calories. After losing a significant amount of weight in eight months, Susan has continued to visit CONCI weekly to take advantage of the education and support we offer at our group classes. She has been maintaining her new weight for ten months. As health professionals, her new lease on life and improved health are “why we do what we do.”

I am not comfortable sharing openly about things like health, weight, and age, etc., but this is an exception because I feel a need to express encouragement to anyone who has fought for years to get to a healthy state. For most of us, a healthy state means a healthy weight; a healthy weight means a lot of hard work with the right mindset.

I have always been conscious of my health, and I have kept food diaries, exercised, joined weight loss programs, but never received satisfaction from “the scale.” I finally just came to a mindset that my weight problem was genetic and I was what I was. With that came diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, frustration.

I always respected the advice of my doctors and took all the medications prescribed to me for my health problems. My doctor mentioned CONCI to me several times, but I just did not think I would be comfortable with an all-liquid diet.

After having routine bloodwork, my doctor informed me of some concerns. She referred me to a kidney specialist. The kidney specialist determined my problems were due to my diabetes and my weight. This doctor used the words “morbidly obese”! The doctor was very stern with me and said if I did not get the weight off, I was facing a grim future. Kidney dialysis was a real possibility. It was not a road I wanted to travel. At the time, I felt insulted by his “no nonsense” approach, but now I know and understand that was not his intent. As I look back, I realize that conversation saved my life. At that moment, I knew I had to do what my physician had always told me to do. Call CONCI. Now I meant business. I was on a mission to meet health eye to eye.

In April 2008 I briefly followed the OPTIFAST program, but decided to switch over to the Lean Meat/Low Calorie program. My success came from weighing and measuring my food, counting calories, keeping a food diary, and exercising consistently. Yes, I have lost a significant amount of weight since April 2008, but my main focus is not the number of pounds I have lost but the improvement I see in my overall health.. My cholesterol is in the normal range, my diabetic medication has been decreased significantly, my kidney function is back to normal, and my health is better than ever.

I would like to encourage anyone, if he or she can relate to my story, to make a decision to take action to improve their health through weight loss. This is a life-changing choice. I am in it for life and, as a result, I am going to enjoy life in abundance with great health. No dialysis for me!!!

Susan F.