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Susan R.: 54 Pounds Lost


Due to her thyroid problem and a sluggish metabolism, Susan R. was unable to lose weight on her own.She is followed yearly by an endocrinologist who felt she would benefit from a physician supervised weight loss program. He recommended she check out the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI), so Susan R. did her research and liked what she learned about the clinic. CONCI’S medically supervised weight loss program appealed to her after having tried other weight loss programs which did not offer physician supervision. She liked the fact that CONCI focuses on a person’s health and how weight loss will improve it.

After losing 54 pounds in 8 months, Susan is eager to help others reach their weight loss goals by being a visual example of what is possible. She has been approached daily since she has been on maintenance by someone eager to discuss her journey and learn how they, too, might have similar results. Susan has learned a great deal through her participation at CONCI. She is living what she has learned by cooking healthy meals for her family. Family members are eating more vegetables than they realize…and are asking for seconds! Proud of her improved cooking, Susan takes photos of the meals she prepares and shares the pictures with the CONCI dietitians. She feels that doing so helps her stay accountable.

When comparing CONCI to previous programs she tried, Susan shared that “Other programs focus on what you eat; CONCI focuses on what is inside of your body that is changing due to what you eat.

Susan’s goal when she decided to lose weight was not to focus on a specific weight, but to focus on achieving a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). She dropped from an unhealthy BMI of 33 to a healthy BMI of 25. The ability to walk without getting winded has been a welcomed benefit of weight loss. Susan has enjoyed seeing family members’ reactions when seeing her for the first time after her transformation. A very happy moment was when her brother, who lives out-of-state, asked her, “How does it feel to be 21?” WOW! No food beats that kind of compliment!

Maintenance was something Susan once feared, not knowing how she would get through it “on her own.” She is no longer fearful because she knows that the Central Ohio Nutrition Center is always there to support her. Susan gave CONCI an outstanding compliment when she said, “The friendly, understanding, and caring staff doesn’t work with you to lose the weight and then drop you off at the pool to sink or swim. They stick by you, encouraging every win, and supporting every lesson.”

CONCI’S response and reaction to her comment: “This is why we do what we do. Making a difference in someone’s life by improving health through weight loss is why we are here.”