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Tammy and Jimmy: 125 lbs Lost Combined

Tammy and Jimmy Weight Loss Success

Tammy L. was not yet 50 years old but was already dealing with significant health issues.  Lung problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and fatty liver were on a list of problems that was too long at any age. In addition, Tammy’s 10 year old granddaughter kept telling her to “please lose weight, grandma!”  That comment kept resonating in Tammy’s head.  She knew she wanted to be healthy in order to enjoy her children and grandchildren, but still did nothing.

The defining moment that demanded a change in lifestyle was the day Tammy experienced a heart attack.  She was only 47 years old and was participating in a Zumba class. It was time to listen to her wise-beyond-her-years granddaughter!

Tammy sought out a program that focused on health and nutrition. She wanted a nutrition team and wanted to be seen regularly by a physician. She wanted a program that would teach her what she needed to know for permanent lifestyle change. The Central Ohio Nutrition Center offered exactly what she wanted.  She started the OPTIFAST program and lost 40 pounds in 7 months. Her cardiac risk has lessened due to weight loss. This is a gift she could only have given to herself through hard work.

Tammy chose to participate in a 5 year research study that uses the medication phentermine to help with maintenance of weight loss.  She started the study in March and has kept off the weight.

Jimmy, Tammy’s 17 year old son, was inspired by his mom’s success. Tired of being picked on at school because of his weight and also wanting to join the army, Jimmy decided “if mom could do it, so can I.”  Jimmy’s program choice was to meet regularly with a registered dietitian who designed a diet for him that consisted of some meal replacements as well as healthy food choices. He met regularly with the dietitian for support, education, and accountability.  He learned what he could/could not eat on a regular basis, and, most importantly, was willing to make those changes. In 7 months, Jimmy lost 85 pounds! His confidence has improved dramatically.  He is a smart young man to face his weight problem early before health issues has a chance to surface.

Tammy and Jimmy LOVE to see the surprise on peoples’ faces when they do not recognize them! They are truly transformed mentally and physically. They are both lucky to be part of a loving family where all members applaud their effort and will support their determination to keep the weight off.