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Tammy L: 58 Pounds Lost

Tammy describes herself as a self-motivated individual, but despite that attribute, found that she needed professional help with her weight.  As she approached 50 years of age, she was having aches and pains that were related to weighing more than she should. In July of 2016, Tammy was anxious to feel better and ready to address her weight issue.

She became involved with the OPTIFAST program, taking it on as a personal challenge.  Her decision to focus on herself, along with frequent contact with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center, resulted in a 58- pound loss in six months. She lost 23% of her body weight!  

Tammy stated that seeing a fast transformation along with feeling better about herself and returning to an active lifestyle all kept her motivated. Weight loss resulted in her blood pressure returning to the normal range.   She is now able to run, and she completed her first half marathon this past Spring. She loves the way she looks, she is happy to be feeling well, and stated that “she will never go back” to the overweight person she was.

Having maintained her weight loss for a year and a half now, Tammy is committed to and accepting of doing whatever it takes to keep the weight off.  She plans to continue to be the self-motivator she attests to be and looks forward to enjoying the many benefits of weight loss.

Fran Matteson, MS,RD

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