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Tara T: 82 lbs Lost

Tara T Weight Loss Success

CONCI Patient Wins National “New You” Weight Loss Contest!

It is with great pleasure that CONCI announces Tara Trigg as one of the three winners of Nestle’s  6th Annual OPTIFAST “New You” Contest. The contest recognizes and celebrates patients and health care professionals for their dedication to the lifestyle changes that support weight loss and long term weight management.

With the prevalence of obesity and the health concerns it can cause, NESTLE is inspired by the thousands of patients who change their lives for the better through the OPTIFAST Program each year. The contest is offered yearly to celebrate the winners’ success and to offer inspiration to others to improve their health and quality of life by achieving their long term weight loss goals.

The contest was open to any patient who completed a minimum of 12 weeks on the OPTIFAST program and who submitted an essay describing their weight loss journey using OPTIFAST.   Each year three winners are selected.  Each receives an all-expense paid weekend getaway trip to New York City for a makeover and a $500 shopping spree.

Tara’s winning essay appears below:  

“Dancing was my life as a child and I traveled the country successfully competing in tap, jazz and ballet. My steady weight gain after graduating from high school ultimately led to the cessation of my dancing career. In 2015, I did not dance in my studio’s recital for the first time since 1988; I loved tapping in the show, but the shame I felt from who I had let myself become was too much. So I watched from the wings as my lifelong friends, co-workers and second family performed our annual routine without me.  It was around this time, in the spring of 2015, that I knew I needed help.”

“I sought out my physician who referred me to the outstanding people at CONCI in Columbus, Ohio. For 16 consecutive weeks I had ‘shakes and water and water and shakes’ and lost 54 pounds; I restarted the program on December 26, 2016 and for 16 additional weeks lost an additional 28 pounds (and counting). My confidence level has risen dramatically and the happiness that beams from my smile makes me quite literally laugh out loud sometimes. My life is incredible and not just because of compliments, confidence and smaller jeans; my life is incredible because I can dance once again. I take ballet and tap with younger students at my studio, I can move like I once could, I substitute teach tap and jazz classes and, to the joy of my peers and family, am dancing in the June 2016 dance recital. I am happier than I have ever been and cannot wait to live again.”

Tara Trigg