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Teresa: 175 lbs. Lost

Teresa: 175 lbs Lost

In her 50s, Teresa Friend began to realize that her health problems were a consequence of obesity. At over 300 pounds, she was dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and acid reflux. She was taking medication for all four problems. Realizing what excess weight was costing her health, Teresa knew she was taking years off her life.

Because of the medical monitoring the program provided, Teresa felt comfortable with the OPTIFAST program. Teresa started the diet in August 2011 and reached her goal in August 2012. In just 12 months, Teresa lost 175 pounds!

With weight loss came much improvement in health. Her blood pressure returned to a normal range without the two medications she used before weight loss. Discontinuing diabetes medication was possible because her blood sugar level was now normal. There was no longer a need for cholesterol medication as well. While on vacation this past summer, Teresa was able to do activities that she could not have done a year ago. Teresa is exercising regularly and has even bought a pair of roller skates!

It is well known that belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat. Teresa took 16 inches off her waist, reducing the health risks associated with belly fat. Her BMI (Body Mass Index) dropped from 53 to 25!

Teresa is happy to do what others take for granted. She can now fit in a chair, shower easily and walk effortlessly. Living life takes less effort, but she is most thankful for her improvement in health.