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Tim: 350 lbs. Lost

Tim: 350 lbs Lost

In June of 2010 Tim Barnard was 32 years old and weighed 602 pounds. Surprisingly, his only medical problem at the time was high blood pressure which required medication to control. Because he was still young, more medical problems resulting from his weight had not yet presented themselves. Nothing to this point had scared Tim enough to convince him to address his weight. Then, at a routine check-up, Tim’s doctor asked him if he realized that his body’s systems and organs were doing the work for more than one person. That comment made Tim realize that he was jeopardizing his health with being so heavy. After all, a person’s organs are meant to do what they do for one body, not multiple. Tim realized that additional medical problems were not far off.

Tim’s doctor told him about the OPTIFAST program. She also told him that he had to be serious about compliance if he wanted to succeed. The diet appealed to Tim because it did not involve making food choices and decisions. He knew that eventually he needed the nutrition education to know how to eat healthy, but, for now, he just wanted to get the weight off.

Tim Barnard is an outstanding example of determination and discipline. He started the diet in June of 2010 at the weight of 603 pounds. In 4 months he lost 100 pounds. In June of 2011, a year from his starting date, Tim had taken off 280 pounds. As of January 1, 2012, Tim’s total weight loss is 350 pounds. He reached his goal of 250!!!!

By having the determination to stay on a liquid diet for 17 months in order to lose 350 pounds, Tim knew that he has just saved his life.