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Tom: 126 lbs. lost

Tom: 126 lbs lost

Determination Results in 126 Pounds Loss in 7 Months

Tom Farynowski knew he should address his weight problem. In addition to having multiple health issues related to his weight, Tom was tired of being tired and out of breath. He became inspired after attending a health fair last summer where CONCI representatives had an information booth. He was drawn to CONCI because of the professional, experienced staff of medical doctors and registered dietitians. Within a few weeks after learning more about the OPTIFAST program, Tom began the diet.

In just seven months Tom lost 126 pounds. He followed the diet through the holidays, determined to get the weight off. He dropped from a pant size 52 to a size 42. His blood pressure and blood sugar have normalized, and he no longer has sleep apnea. He can now walk long distances without becoming out of breath.

How did Tom stay motivated? He approached the diet like he would approach a new job — with determination, enthusiasm, and the will to succeed. He was focused, accepted change in his life, and stayed consistently serious about his goal. He makes it a point to talk with others about his weight loss experience, hoping to be the motivating factor in getting another overweight person to lose weight.

Tom’s son posted “DAD LOST OVER 100 POUNDS IN 6 MONTHS!” on his Facebook page! WOW! There is no way he is going to regain that weight! He is pleased with his success and thrilled that his son is so proud of his dad!

Tom sees the importance of nutrition education. He makes it a point to learn all he can about menu items that interest him at restaurants. He was shocked to learn that the menu item he always ordered at a frequently visited restaurant was 3500 calories! He has definitely made changes in what he orders. Tom doesn’t assume a menu item is low calorie just because its name may suggest that it is. Find out what is in that menu item and make an educated decision. Knowledge is power!