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Traci: 60 lbs. Lost

Traci: 60 lbs. Lost

Traci Kistler expected to follow in her mother’s footsteps and enjoy good health well into her senior years. However, unlike her mother, 47 year old Traci is already dealing with health issues. Traci had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and her blood sugar was close to being in the diabetic range. Acid reflux and knee pain were also problems she was facing at an all-to-young age. All of her problems may have been caused, or made worse, by her excess weight.

Traci’s mom had a health scare at the age of 70. That, plus the recent loss of her sister, prompted Traci to take a closer look at her own health. The time had come to address the weight problem in order to fix, or at least improve, her medical problems.

Traci started the OPTIFAST program in August 2011, and, in 4 months, lost 42 pounds. During her transition from OPTIFAST to a food plan, Traci lost an additional 18 pounds. Her 60 pound loss dropped her body fat percentage from 31% to below 16%.

While thrilled about the dramatic change in her appearance, Traci is most excited about the major improvements in her health. Before losing weight, her cholesterol level was to the point where she needed to consider medication. Thanks to the weight loss her cholesterol level is completely within the normal range. The same is true with her blood sugar. In addition, after taking blood pressure medication for 17 years, Traci no longer needs it! Her blood pressure dropped to normal after just a 20 pound weight loss! Her acid reflux is under control without medication. She has been able to stop 2 of her 3 prescription medications.

This busy kindergarten teacher now has the energy to keep up with her class. Her workday is no longer exhausting. She looks forward to exercise and has a different attitude about it now. It is a great way to reduce stress and a necessary part of the lifestyle change she must be accepting of to keep her weight off.