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Tricia E: 72 lbs Lost

tricia e weight loss success

Weight is No Longer An “OBSTACLE” for CONCI Patient

One of the joys of being a Nutritionist/Dietitian at CONCI is getting to be in the front row seat of healthy lifestyle change in the lives of our patients. Tricia E. is one of those patients who has done an impressive job of embracing life in a whole new way. She began the OPTIFAST program in December of 2015 and 10 months later has lost 72 pounds.

She went from being completely sedentary to now hiking 6-8 miles several times a week. She also exercises on an elliptical trainer for 30 minutes (3.6 miles) while using upper body weights in order to build strength and endurance. Tricia participated in an event called the Spartan Race (9 miles and 20 obstacles) after shedding 47 pounds. After an additional 20 pound loss, she more recently completed the Battlefrog Race which consisted of a 6 1/2 mile course with 40 obstacles including climbing walls as steep as six foot, crawling through tunnels, climbing cargo nets and ropes, sliding down and climbing out of steep muddy ravines, and carrying pails of sand and rocks, all while covered in mud. CONCI’s Millie Adams, RDN (Registered dietitian nutritionist), helped Tricia adjust her nutrition to have more endurance for the challenging Battlefrog obstacle race.

For those not as far along in their journey as Tricia, keep in mind that her degree of activity and fitness grew over a period of time to get to its current level. Just like dieting, patience and realistic expectations are important. Also remember that it is not necessary to complete obstacle courses to get adequate exercise. Tricia enjoys this type of activity. ANY activity that you enjoy will be the right activity for you!

Tricia is pleased that she now has more confidence and is less self- conscious in public which is a big deal because of her anxiety issues. Her sleep quantity and quality have improved, and she can now move more, walk, and run without the constant calf pain she experienced prior to losing weight and becoming more physically active. Well done Tricia!

We at CONCI celebrate Tricia’s determination to live life in a healthier way! We appreciate her attendance at classes designed to help patients learn new ways of approaching food. CONCI dietitians are honored to have the joy of working side by side patients who have a dedicated interest in improving their health and wellness.