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Tricia lost 95 lbs

tricia 95lb weight loss

Tricia E. is a young mom with three children. Tricia knew that, at her much-too-heavy weight, she was not being the best version of herself. In December of 2015 she decided she wanted to become more active, develop better eating habits, and completely turn her life around. Despite being a busy mother of three, she was determined to find the time to become dedicated to her weight loss journey

Tricia connected with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center and chose to follow the OPTITRIM program which incorporates one meal along with four OPTIFAST supplements.   Eating one meal each day was helpful because it allowed her to enjoy a meal with her children. With a solid goal in place, Tricia shed 95 pounds in 14 months! Tricia reached her goal in April of 2017.  She has maintained her weight loss for 3 years now!  The remainder of this article points out the importance of exercise in maintaining a weight loss.

In the midst of her weight loss journey, Tricia began to realize what her body was capable of, and this kept her motivation high.  She started moving away from her sedentary lifestyle by beginning to walk and hike.  As the pounds started to shed away, she began experiencing new activities to keep her healthy and interested. Because of good nutrition and her motivation, Tricia continued to both lose weight and maintain focus on her exercise routines. She started participating in obstacle courses which ultimately led her to become even more confident in her abilities. “After signing up for my first few races,” Tricia said, “I basically reached a catalyst because I knew I had to get in shape to be able to do this.” She began taking a Ninja skills class for beginners where she became aware of her own strength and discovered her passion as well. “Since losing weight, this has been the best experience of my life,” she said. “I remember there was a time when I talked myself out of doing anything like this because I didn’t think that I was strong enough. The things that I am now able to do in this class show me that I am capable of doing anything.”  Weight loss allowed Tricia to go from being completely sedentary to having the confidence to participate in challenging fitness classes!

Tricia has vastly improved self-esteem fostered by both weight loss and fitness success.  Of equal importance is the improvement in her physical health.  She dealt with sleep apnea, reflux, and calf pain prior to losing weight.  All three are either resolved or greatly improved.

Tricia is embracing  life in a whole new way. Tricia has no intention of returning to the condition she was in 95 pounds ago. She switched her focus from a “diet” mentality and start treating her new routine as a chosen lifestyle change.

For those not as far along in their journey as Tricia, keep in mind that her degree of activity and fitness grew over a period of time to get to its current level. Just like dieting, patience and realistic expectations are important. Also remember that it is not necessary to complete obstacle courses to get adequate exercise. Tricia enjoys this type of activity. ANY activity that YOU enjoy will be the right activity for you!