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Violet: 56 lbs. lost

Violet lost 56 pounds with the Central Ohio Nutrition Center

Motivated to Maintain Weight Loss

Violet Corpac participated in the OPTIFAST program 14 years ago with great results. Over the years her weight gradually crept back. Unfortunately, it is too easy to keep putting off getting back on track. Violet knew she was at risk for heart disease because of family history. She also knew her cholesterol and triglycerides were elevated. Yet she still put off any action.  A red flag went up for Violet when Tim Russert died.  Hearing that he died instantly due to heart disease (and the fact that he was overweight) scared Violet into action. That unfortunate event was what triggered Violet to return to the OPTIFAST program.

Violet began the OPTIFAST program in August of 2008. She continued to stay true to the program through the holidays. She reached her goal in early January 2009 and has been maintaining ever since. She lost 56 pounds in five months.

What is Violet doing differently now? She is a regular participant in CONCI’S maintenance program. “I feel great satisfaction meeting with other maintenance people and sharing our experiences and ideas,” says Violet. She also finds the support and structure of the class to be a great motivator. Violet is also convinced that regular exercise is crucial to success.