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Walter: 100 lbs. Lost

Walter weight loss success

8 Drugs Discontinued Thanks To Weight Loss

Walter is a patient at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) whose goals were to lose 100 pounds and to reduce the amount of prescription medication he used. He accomplished both goals in 26 weeks!

When Walter started the OPTIFAST program, his medical problems included diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. After losing 100 pounds, Walter is off all but two out of ten medications! He is no longer in need of his blood pressure and high cholesterol medications. Prior to weight loss, Walter used two types of insulin and three different oral medications for diabetes. With his blood sugar being greatly improved, he no longer uses ANY insulin and needs only ONE oral medication to control his diabetes!

A 90-day supply of Walter’s medication cost a retail price of $1385 or $461 per month. Despite having insurance, Walter still had significant out-of-pocket expenses in the form of co-pays. Insurance companies are receiving more and more claims for medications used to treat problems associated with obesity. Ultimately, these medication costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher premiums for medical insurance and higher co-pays.

For Walter , weight loss means no longer depending on an electric cart when shopping; and, after 10 years of sleeping in a recliner, he is resting comfortably in bed.