43 Years of Combined Experience!

Two faces that many patients at the East office recognize are Fran Matteson and Robbin McSurley. Both are registered dietitians who have been with CONCI for 22 and 21 years respectively. Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, Fran received her degree in nutrition from Penn State. After moving to Ohio from Connecticut, Fran pursued her master’s degree in nutrition from The Ohio State University. Robbin, a Lancaster, Ohio native, became a Buckeye and earned her degree in nutrition from Ohio State, as well. Fran and Robbin both reside in Pickerington. Fran is married with two grown sons. Robbin is married and has 2 sons and a daughter.

Fran and Robbin have been committed to providing expert and compassionate care to countless patients over the years. Many patients consider them to be their friends in addition to being their dietitian!

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