7 Simple and Straightforward Weight Loss Tips for Teens

7 Simple and Straightforward Weight Loss Tips for TeensBeing an overweight or obese teen can not only lead to low self-esteem, but also health problems such as high cholesterol or diabetes. You can take action to lose weight by learning some straightforward and easy medical weight loss tips.

  1. Get support from family members – Having the support from your family can help you be more motivated to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  2. Restock the pantry and fridge – If the house is full of potato chips, ice cream, and high-calorie sodas, it will sabotage your weight loss efforts. Talk to your parents about restocking the house with healthier foods. When it’s time for the next shopping trip, go with your parents to select healthier foods that you enjoy.
  3. Find an exercise partner – Whether it’s your mom, coworker, or friend, find a partner in Columbus to exercise with. Exercising with a partner detracts from the hard work of a workout and makes the session more fun.
  4. Reduce portion sizes – Counting calories works for some people, for others it’s a nitpicky, grueling process. As an alternative to counting calories, simply reduce your portion sizes. For instance, instead of filling up an entire dinner plate with food, pare it down to three quarters of a plate, making sure to include all food groups.
  5. Refrain from skipping meals – Although you may think that skipping meals may help with your medical weight loss, it actually can do the opposite. Skipping meals can cause your metabolism to slow down, causing you to overeat at the next meal.
  6. Wipe out the sugary drinks – Sugary drinks add unwanted calories to your day, without giving you many nutrients. Skipping the 150 calories (or more) that come with the sugary drinks can help you to lose weight.
  7. Add fiber to your diet – Foods that contain fiber help you to feel full, which helps curb your appetite. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain pasta, fruits and vegetables contain fiber, so try to incorporate these into your meals or snacks.


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