A Happy Healthy 2017

a-happy-healthy-2017Before setting goals for the New Year, think about the big picture and where you would like to be – 5, 10 years from now. What types of activities would you enjoy? What would mean the most to you? Do you want to travel, play with your grandchildren? To do the things you enjoy, you don’t want your body weight to affect your health and get in the way of your quality of life.  So it is first important to identify what means a lot to you. It is easier to motivate oneself if there is a reason to make and keep making those changes.
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From a medical viewpoint, there are numerous reasons to lose and manage one’s weight. In a report published by the Center for Public Health (2014) titled “Weighing Down America,” it showed the obesity rate in the US is now 36.4% (up from 22.9% in 1994 and 13.4% in 1962). Associated with the obesity rate are the medical and economic costs of $1.42 trillion. 60.7% of the population (188.6 million) were shown to be either obese or overweight.  In this report there were 23 medical cases attributable to obesity – from Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia to Stroke. The purpose of the report was to educate the public to prevent and reverse obesity in the United States.  In the report it clearly shows that even small weight reductions would decrease medical costs significantly!
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So using the above qualit des strodes anabolisants sur le march noir information for motivation, here are some suggestions for the next few winter months!

  • Increase your physical activity. Many studies show that exercise does help you feel better, more energetic, and content.
  • Exercise with a friend. This gives the added benefit of being social, and makes it fun!
  • Elevate your mood with flowers or scents. Scented candles and fresh flowers can brighten your day.
  • Continue doing a hobby you enjoy whether it be reading, exercising, woodworking, crafts, etc. Or start a new hobby.
  • Plan your next get-a-way! Just the planning can give you a warm, cozy feeling.
  • Make a list of non-food activities you can enjoy during the winter months!

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So, get the New Year off to a great start! Review your motivation and plan to make this year better than ever!

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