A “New You” in 2015

a new you in 2015Why do we make resolutions at the beginning of each year? Is there something magical about January? Do we make resolutions just because we know we “should?” Rather than setting goals for a new year, set goals for a “new you.” Regardless of the time of year, focus should be on valuing yourself enough to want to lose weight to improve health. In turn, better health and improved mobility reward you with a better quality of life. Focus should be on recognizing what you have to do to on a daily basis to attain the “new you.” Are you willing to do what it takes?

The secret to permanent weight loss (and the new you) can be found in your daily decisions. It’s about switching from diets and quick fix solutions to permanent lifestyle change.

Permanent lifestyle change is not easy, but yet not as hard as we think. The world is a busy place with lots of distractions. To stay on track requires living with purpose and intention. Your daily decisions determine if you become the “new you.” Success requires thinking every day and frequently throughout the day about your plan and your priorities.

Becoming the “new you” is actually a continuous journey taken one step at a time. Take steps that are simple and small. Take your time. It does not matter how long your take. What matters is that you take those steps every day. As your small steps become habit for you, appreciate where you are and how you got there through your own decisions and determination. Notice the progress you made. Realize that mastering those steps does not mean you have reached a stopping point, just a resting point. Enjoy the progress you have made and the new place you are.     When confident with those steps, determine what your new steps/goals or new direction will be.

Happy 2015!  The “new you” is what matters, not the new year. Understand that successful weight loss and maintenance is a continuous journey with no endpoint. As long as the passion and motivation to be the “new you” is there, the effort is a price you are willing to pay.

Your daily decisions are what will make the difference.

Fran Matteson, MS, RD 

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