Add Water to Your Diet Plan

During your diet plan in Columbus, don’t forget to stay hydrated

Add Water to Your Diet Plan in ColumbusHow much water have you had today? It’s November and the weather is already chilly here in Columbus, meaning many people are putting away the water bottle and taking out the thermos. As the weather drops, many people stop being diligent about the amount of water they are drinking, but your body’s need for water doesn’t always change with the weather. As you focus on your health and follow your diet plan in Columbus, make sure you are getting enough water to stay properly hydrated.

When the weather is scorching it is easy to stay hydrated. After all, there is nothing quite so refreshing as a glass of ice water after spending a few minutes in the summer sunshine. When the weather cools off for we don’t get that same friendly reminder to drink up. Instead, we often find ourselves imbibing not-so-hydrating drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol.

You can stay healthy this winter by adding a few healthy hydration habits to your diet plan. Columbus has just started to cool off, and summer is more than half a year away. Between now and then it is up to you to remind yourself to drink plenty of fluids to stay healthy all winter long.

Here are a few tips to stay healthy and hydrated this winter:

  • How much water you need depends on your body size and activity level. Talk with your weight loss doctor to find out how much water is right for you. Most people need at least 64 ounces of water every day.
  • 80 percent of your water intake should come from fluids. Eating foods like fruits and vegetables can help you stay hydrated, but the bulk of your fluid intake should come from actual water.
  • Dress in layers. The cold may tempt you to work out in your heaviest sweatshirt, but your body temperature will heat up as you move. If you overdress your body will sweat more, causing you to lose more fluids and increase your risk of getting sick from being wet in the cold. By dressing in layers, you can shed a little clothing as your body warms up.

You don’t need to stick to the same old ice water all winter long. Try drinking hot water with lemon, or keeping water bottles out of the fridge to drink them at room temperature. And remember: sometimes thirst disguises itself as hunger. Before you go for a snack, try drinking some water to make sure you are properly hydrated.

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