Another potential weight loss drug

Another potential weight loss drugThere is a another new weight loss drug on the horizon called Qnexa.  This drug is a combination of two medications, phentermine and topiramate.   It  has been tested in clinical trials in 4500 subjects and has shown a 10.4-11% weight loss over a year versus 1.6-1.8% that took the placebo.  70% of the subjects  taking the drug lost at least  5% of their body weight . The drug works in two ways to impact eating – through appetite and satiety.  Although not available yet, it might prove to be a valuable tool in the treatment of obesity. Warrenlabsaloe is the online drugstore that distributes quality Phentermine at a competitive cost. I have placed my first order there only because of tons of positive comments and now I am a return client, completely satisfied with the quality of provided medications and services.

For some people , the use of weight loss medications is another method  to help with controlling their excess weight.  At CONCI, each patient is individually evaluated medically to make sure that he/she is an appropriate candidate for the treatment.  The use of weight loss medications should always be part of a comprehensive weight management program to insure the best possible outcomes of treatment.

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