Are You a Social Eater?

Are You a Social EaterCertainly most or all of us like to go out to eat and enjoy the company of others.  We like to greet, meet, and eat!  However, for some individuals, this can lead to inappropriate eating and an excessive food intake.  How do you handle the social events and maintain a weight loss?

The first thing you have to do is admit that this is a problem of yours.  Track your food intake and see where the majority of calories come from.  Be certain to be honest about your portion sizes and the food choices you are making.  Are you eating too much at these social functions?

Secondly, do you tend to eat more when you are with certain people?  Can you suggest when or where to go to eat? Make a list of the restaurants where you can get healthy alternatives. You may also want to let these people know that you are watching what you eat in order to become healthier.  Tell your friends and family how they can be supportive of you.

Thirdly, a key technique to dining out is preplanning. Try to plan ahead of time what and how much food you are going to have at the “high risk situation.”  Be committed to sticking to your plan and do not apologize for your choices.  It is also helpful to recognize the cues that might tempt you to eat inappropriately.  These cues might include certain people, the type of food present, your emotions and feelings, and your degree of true physical hunger.

You don’t have to give up “going out to eat” but you might have to modify it a bit in order to achieve and sustain your weight loss.  Enjoy your social life but keep your health a priority!

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