Are Your Habits on Autopilot?

Are Your Habits on AutopilotNow that the holidays are over and life is back to normal, a good idea would be to take a look at and analyze your daily routine. Many choices (such as how we begin our day to what we choose to eat) and many responses (such as eating when stressed and swearing when frustrated) are made daily almost subconsciously or, in a way, on autopilot. Nothing is wrong with this if the choice or response is healthy and/or smart.

Poor choices and responses will continue to be automatic unless action is taken. That action involves analytical thinking and planning. Determine which of your eating or activity habits are on automatic pilot. Ask yourself if your autopilot habits are in need of change. Do you know if your automatic habits are wise/healthy? This first step is that of awareness. The next logical step is willingness to change. Step 3 is making a plan that will begin to change your autopilot habits. Triggering your thinking in time to make better choices is a skill that takes time to learn.   If you are not sure whether you automatic pilot habits are healthy ones, speaking with a CONCI dietitian who can provide insight and guidance.
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Old habits die hard.  It is easy to resort to autopilot. If you relapse to old habits, recognize the lapse and just try again! Which of your food/eating/activity habits are on autopilot and which are in need of revamping? Make 2016 the year of habit change!
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Fran Matteson, MS,RD

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