Caffeine Controversy

Is having a cup of coffee every morning impacting your weight loss efforts?

Caffeine ControversyIt doesn’t matter if you live in Columbus, Ohio or Colombia, there is one habit that people across the globe have trouble shaking: drinking coffee. The highly caffeinated drink has been a staple throughout much of Western Civilization, and in our modern US society, there are a bare few who don’t think of themselves as nearly dependent on the beverage.

Whether you brew it at home or pick up a latte at your local café, the caffeine habit is one that should definitely be evaluated during your medical weight loss program. While you might not have to cut out caffeine altogether, it is a good idea to get an idea of how much coffee you are drinking regularly, and how your daily caffeine intake might be influencing your health.

Coffee: Good for Weight Loss?

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, depending on the amount of coffee that you drink, and the way that you take your coffee, the beverage can either help you lose weight, or hurt your weight loss progress. Basically, having a single cup of black coffee or espresso, or coffee with a little bit of skim milk, is very different than having a large latte, coffee with cream and sugar, or another sugary espresso drink.
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When coffee is consumed in moderation, and without the added sugar, there are a few proven benefits that could support your weight loss efforts. These include:

  • Appetite Suppression: Drinking coffee might help you feel less hungry, which could cut down on snacking
  • Calorie burning: Drinking coffee can stimulate your metabolism and enhance how many calories you burn

While these are great benefits, drinking too much coffee can lead to headaches, dehydration and anxiety.
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When it comes to consuming any sort of caffeine, especially coffee, there is one fact that you really need to keep in mind: coffee affects everyone differently. The only way to know how a cup of Joe is impacting your health is to take a long and hard look at how you react to it, and to be honest with yourself. If you think that you might be having too much coffee, try cutting down by a cup or two a day.

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