Can Shoes Help you Get Fit?

Can Shoes Help you Get FitShoes come in a dizzying array of styles and options. One of the latest products introduced is the toning shoe. Manufacturers tout that the design of these shoes with help people to tone muscles in their legs and rear, but the question remains if these shoes are an effective means of improving fitness levels or managing weight.

Toning shoes have a curved sole that makes standing straight up in the shoes more difficult, forcing the muscles of the legs and core to compensate to achieve balance. When pitted against standard athletic shoes in scientific studies, no greater benefits were found from the toning shoes compared to the standard athletic shoes.

Like everything else, there is no magic pill when it comes to toning the legs. Changing footwear does not always equal weight loss or an immediate improvement in muscle tone or fitness, but these shoes may still be beneficial for weight management in Grove City and elsewhere. The key to any athletic shoe is not whether it makes someone run faster or jump higher but whether a person wears it and increases their level of activity. If a person is encouraged to engage in exercise while wearing the shoes, no matter the type, benefits can be seen. The difference is not the shoe, but instead the willingness to become more active as you are wearing the shoes.

Toning shoes are just the newest fad in the realm of health and fitness. If someone wants to improve their muscle tone just by wearing these shoes without increasing their activity level, the results will be disappointing. Some find the unique design of these toning shoes comfortable and fun to wear while engaging in exercise. If these people exercise more simply because they are wearing more comfortable toning shoes, results are possible in both their weight and fitness levels. Like any other trend, toning shoes should be carefully examined before making an investment in them.

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