Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) Celebrates Its 32nd Anniversary!

Celebrates Its 32nd AnniversaryHappy Birthday to CONCI! March 5, 1979 was the beginning of the Central Ohio Nutrition Center. From its inception, CONCI’s vision has been to help people lose and maintain a healthy weight! CONCI sees itself as much more than a physician’s office that offers a weight loss program. We see ourselves as our patients’ advocate, friend, support system, and means to better health. We are committed to our patients’ wellbeing, regardless of the time, energy, and effort required by the staff. A personal connection is made with each patient, providing them with the confidence that they have a safe place to go with a problem of which they are often ashamed.

In a world where the personal touch is rarely observed anymore, CONCI patients are encouraged by the atmosphere of genuine caring that is the clinic’s mission. Every patient receives nonjudgmental care which encourages them to continue contact long-term with the clinic. This on-going relationship translates to continued success by our patients.

As one of the CONCI physicians states, “As bariatric physicians, we are committed to taking people off medicine rather than dealing with the medical problems by adding more medication. In my 35 years in medicine, having taken care of thousands of patients, weight loss for an obese patient is the closest thing to a panacea. It is great to be a part of the process leading to a patient’s better health and better quality of life through weight loss. This is why we do what we do…”

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