Choosing the Right Clothes for Exercise

Choosing the Right Clothes for ExerciseIn an effort to experience weight loss success, you’ve started eating healthy. You’ve also joined a gym and plan to exercise regularly. Now you may be wondering: what should you wear?

The most important element to consider is fit. Make sure you’ll be able to perform your exercises completely without feeling hindered or bound. Avoid clothing that is too tight, especially if it restricts your range of motion or prevents you from moving and breathing freely. Remember that you want to get as much benefit from these workouts as possible, and uncomfortable clothing may get in the way of your weight loss goals.

The second most important element in workout clothing is material. The fabric your clothes are made from can make your exercise routine easier if it’s breathable and holds up well under large amounts of sweat. Fabrics that are best for exercise include:

  • CoolMax: Wearable under clothing for outside cold-weather activity as well as gym exercise, this fabric aids in the evaporation of sweat and helps you cool quickly.
  • Lycra: Stretchy and close-fitting, Lycra is usually used for swimwear or as a supplement to other fabrics to improve their ability to stretch and conform.
  • Fleece: While it may bring up images of winter jackets, fleece is actually lightweight and can insulate your body without increasing your body temperature significantly.
  • Supplex: This long-lasting, fast-drying fabric is usually combined with other fabrics to increase stretchiness and durability.

When it comes to exercise clothing, it’s always best to focus on comfort first. Choosing a few comfortable and durable pieces can be a worthwhile investment in your weight loss goals.

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