Choosing Weight Loss Buddies

Choosing Weight Loss BuddiesLosing weight can be a difficult process, in part because of how long it can take to see significant results. Many experts believe that one of the reasons that weight loss is so difficult to achieve for some people is that they don’t take the time to build a solid support system to get them through the rough spots.

Having a good support system in place can be a deciding factor in whether or not your weight loss efforts produce results. One way to build a solid support system is to enlist the help of a diet buddy.

What Are Diet Buddies?
Diet buddies are two or more people who share a common goal and are committed to helping each other achieve that goal. Your diet buddies don’t have to have the exact same weight loss goals as you, but it’s encouraging to team up with someone who is enduring some of the same changes as you in an effort to lose weight and get healthy. Diet buddies can help keep you accountable by checking in to see if you’re still working toward your goals and can provide a sympathetic ear when you find yourself struggling with various lifestyle changes.

What Do Diet Buddies Do?
The role of diet buddies will depend on each of your individual needs. You may be looking for someone who is willing to go to the gym with you. Other people may simply want someone they can exchange daily emails with about what they ate and how much exercise they got. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and your diet buddy about what will be most helpful for you.

What Makes and Good Diet Buddy?

It’s important to note that what you look for in a friend or romantic partner are not necessarily the qualities that make someone a reliable diet buddy.  While it is wonderful to find someone who loves you “just the way you are,” this person may not be an ideal choice if you are trying to make significant changes to your health and appearance.

Experts suggest looking for a diet buddy who will help keep you accountable. This might mean finding someone who is willing to ask questions about your progress, or simply finding someone who is willing to listen to you detail what you ate and how much you exercised each day. What you need in a diet buddy is unique to you, but keeps your overall goal in mind when you’re asking someone to help you.

One thing to consider is whether or not you and your diet buddy will be available to support one another in the way each of you needs. You may need someone who is willing to exercise with you on a regular basis, which can be a significant time commitment, or you may just need someone who will remember to email you gentle reminders every day. Consider what your needs are and make those expectations clear early on.

Finding Diet Buddies – The Easy Way

While relying on family and friends for support will be a critical part of your weight loss journey, it is often easier to look for diet buddies in a weight loss support group. Everyone who attends a weight loss support group knows what you are facing and are usually willing to help.  With a variety of potential weight loss buddies available, you can select people that share your interests or goals so that you match the right person to a specific need. Your strength training partner can be different from your walking partner or you can have several buddies for each activity to keep the atmosphere stimulating and fun.

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