CONCI Doctors Meet to Discuss Obesity Treatment

CONCI Doctors Meet to Discuss Obesity TreatmentThe doctors of the Central Ohio Nutrition Center met in January to review the latest literature on Obesity Treatment. Present at the meeting were Dr. Edward Baltes, Dr. Robert May, Dr. Tom Broyles, Dr. Judy Loper, Dr. Judy Brown, Dr. Cameron Hodge, and nurse Stacey Molle.  Medical monitoring of patients on very low calorie diets (Optifast) was the main topic of the meeting.  The new anti-obesity medications were discussed, as well as appropriate candidates for their use. CONCI doctors have had research experience with Contrave, the latest drug approved by the FDA for weight loss.

It was emphasized at the meeting that diet, exercise, and behavioral modification are the cornerstone of obesity treatment. In addition, anti-obesity medications are adjuncts and can be used in select patients to reduce food intake and help in weight maintenance. CONCI prides itself in providing comprehensive, high intensity lifestyle interventions for obesity.

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