CONCI Has A Winner 3 Years In A Row!

Nestle Health Science, the owners of the OPTIFAST brand, has announced the 3 winners of the 9th annual OPTIFAST “New You” contest.  Those who have lost weight on the OPTIFAST program were eligible to enter.  Part of the entry process was to answer the following question. What accomplishments, big or small, have you been able to achieve since starting your OPTIFAST weight loss journey?”  The 3 winners were from different OPTIFAST programs – one from Illinois, one from Arizona, and one from CONCI in Columbus!   The three winners had a combined weight loss of 311 pounds and are now in the maintenance phase of the program.

For three consecutive years the Central Ohio Nutrition Center has had a winner in this contest as well as many entrants.   CONCI feels that the comprehensive program offered which includes medical monitoring and weekly counseling by a registered dietitian is what makes a difference in a person’s success with weight loss.

“By featuring successful OPTIFAST patients through the “New You” contest, we hope to help inspire others to change their lives for the better and achieve their long-term weight loss goals,” stated a Nestle Health Science representative.

Below is the essay written by Kristin Reep, the “New You” contest winner from CONCI.  She lost 65 pounds in 9 months on the OPTIFAST program.  She continues to maintain her weight loss now for 9 months.

The three words “I love summer” were never words I understood as an adult.  I’d hear people say this, I’d roll my eyes, and convince myself that they were lying.  I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and didn’t realize until this year that summer is actually MY favorite season too!  I don’t find myself wanting to hide indoors anymore.  I feel so much different physically from the weight loss that I still get surprised at what I can do.  I used to find myself giving an automatic “no to any type of activity or even to just sitting outside if it was going to be over 80 degrees.  Now I actually look for things to do outside and don’t think twice about it.  Among other things, medically I was also able to completely stop medications for diabetes and high blood pressure that I had been on for years.   OPTIFAST gave me the life back I didn’t realize I had lost!

                                                                                                                         Kristin Reep

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