Conci Provides Care Necessary to Maximize Success

Conci Provides Care Necessary to Maximize SuccessCONCI dietitian Jody Riley recently attended a conference at the Cleveland Clinic in an effort to update CONCI on the latest in obesity treatment and care. Hoping to learn of new and improved methods that would increase patient compliance during both weight loss and maintenance, what Jody came away with was a confirmation that CONCI is already providing what works best.

What was emphasized at the conference (and what CONCI has believed for years) is that what really works is not a plan with an end but a plan that is on-going. Weight loss clinics should strive for progress, not perfection. A weight loss clinic should provide the education to train the patient to change. Structure, routine, accountability, follow-up, monitoring, meal replacements, and exercise are concepts that, when understood and implemented, can result in successful weight loss and weight maintenance. Empathy and compassion by clinic staff is essential.

Long-term success depends on one’s ability and willingness to change old habits and lifestyle, and stay true to those changes. This is the essence of what CONCI attempts to offer its patients in classes and counseling with dietitians. CONCI’S mission is to educate patients with the tools necessary to keep them from being in the situation where that weight needs to be lost again.

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