Condiments Have Calories

Condiments Have CaloriesThe summer picnic season is in full swing and along with that comes the typical picnic fare. When condiments are used liberally, the calories add up. Calories on the nutrition label of ketchup and mayonnaise might seem minimal, but don’t forget to look at the serving size listed. Serving sizes are typically small and far less than we tend to use.

This is true of all condiments, from pancake syrup and salad dressing to all sorts of sauces. Take notice of how much of each condiment you use and compare that to the calories for the serving size listed. These seemingly innocent “extras” can add up to significant calories and may be harming your attempts to lose weight.

Condiments also tend to contain surprisingly high levels of sodium. Ketchup, pickles and pickle relish are all significant contributors. One major brand of ketchup now offers a no salt version, a reduced sugar version, and one that is blended with balsamic vinegar. A major brand of pickles has a 25% reduced sodium product. Though mustard can also be high in sodium, yellow mustard generally has about half the sodium of Dijon mustard.

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