Confront Cravings and Control Hunger

Confront Cravings and Control HungerSome people claim that they never really get hungry. Other people say they are hungry “all the time.” And yet other people, seem to notice hunger at night or after work, or at certain times of the day. To handle hunger or cravings, it is best to distinguish between true physiological hunger and/or cravings. Usually with cravings, the person is focused on one particular food, or obsessed about having a certain meal.  With true hunger, any food or drink sounds good to the person. The stomach may be growling, or a headache may be present.

Here are some tried and true techniques and tips to help with hunger or cravings.

  • Lower your stress level. Make sure you are building some relaxation into your daily life.
  • Eat at regular or scheduled mealtimes. Most people do better when their meals are structured and scheduled.  Also, 4-5 small feedings per day may be better than 3 larger meals with large periods of time between the meals.
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sometimes people eat to feel better, and what they really need are sleep and rest.
  • Drink enough water (6-8 glasses per day) and stay well hydrated.
  • Higher protein and lower carbohydrate composition of meals may also help with controlling hunger.  The higher protein makes the meals more satisfying for a longer period of time.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables which helps with increasing the volume of the food.
  • And last, some research has shown that using a few fingers and tapping one’s forehead may help avoid eating if confronted with cravings!

Overall, know yourself and your hunger patterns. Plan ahead and practice self-care so you can control your hunger and cravings!

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