Curb The Cravings The Healthy Way

Curb The Cravings The Healthy WayWhether you are dieting to lose weight or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, cravings can get the best of you. When participating in a medical weight loss program, uncontrolled cravings can derail our efforts and cause us to gain back the weight we tried so hard to get rid of in the first place.

Fighting the craving is not going to make the road any easier. Addressing the need for something of comfort or finding alternative comfort foods that may be just as satisfying can fulfill the desire without hurting our efforts to lose weight.

There are many alternatives to the comfort foods we desire. Finding those alternatives may make those times where the cravings seem to control us easier. Sweet drinks and foods are some of the most common foods that lead us astray. Experiment with fresh fruit instead of buying the high sugar, high carbohydrate fruit juices in a bottle. Visit the local farmers market to find an even wider variety of fruits. Try something different that may expand your choices when cravings hit.

If you desire French-fry’s, try cutting a potato into wedges and baking them or throwing them on the grill with some tasty seasoning. You may find that the grilled wedges are even better than the unhealthy fried version. Or, try snacking on baby carrots dipped in light ranch dressing. This may meet your urge for a crispy finger food, but is much healthier!

If starch or bread is part of your meal plan, make sure the bread is “whole wheat” or “whole grain”. If you find whole loaf bread you can control the slice thickness on your own and reduce the calories. Toast up your sandwich bread with some tasty herbs and experiment with some healthy toppings like avocado slices instead of unhealthy cold cuts.

Losing weight can sometimes be difficult, but when you take a chance on trying something different, you expand the arsenal of tasty foods that can help keep your medical weight loss program on track and successful

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