Die Fat Or Get Tough: BOOK REVIEW

Die Fat Or Get Tough: 101 Differences In Thinking Between Fat People And Fit People

Die Fat Or Get Tough BOOK REVIEWby Steve Siebold

Motivational speaker Steve Siebold, internationally known for his talks on mental strength, gets tough with overweight and obese Americans in this book.  He gives blunt tips for how people can think like a fit person to finally lose weight and get healthy.  In CONCI’S opinion, this should be required reading for anyone contemplating weight loss and maintenance. He is to-the-point and can be a bit abrasive, but his message is clear, and, most importantly, entirely true.  The following review will give you an idea of the book’s content.

This is a mental toughness book for dieters. Mental toughness training is about getting tough and taking control. Steve Siebold has a knack for honing in on the ways people sabotage their goals. His job is to help them see how their thoughts and actions kill their performance. He normally uses his no-holds-barred approach with people in business. A former professional tennis player, he’s also pushed athletes to achieve their goals.

Siebold had a personal reason for applying his methods to weight loss. Having a career that required extensive travel, he gained 40 pounds, eating a fast-food diet, not paying attention to food choices, and getting little exercise. Siebold was in denial about his weight until a friend actually did not recognize him.

He interviewed 500 fit people and 500 overweight people to evaluate their thought processes.  He soon realized fit people had a way of thinking about eating and exercise that was very different from overweight people. “Die Fat or Get Tough” is brutally honest. Readers should be ready to swallow some hard truths.

“It’s the only thing I’ve found that can cut through self delusion like a knife through butter. It shocks people and it knocks them over the head,” he said. “This is scary stuff. What we are doing isn’t working.”

The book consists of 101 mini chapters about the differences in thinking between fit people and people who are overweight.  Each chapter is only two pages and ends with a critical thinking question and an action step.  It is easy to read and just might provide the motivation you need to continue on your weight management journey!

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