Diet and Weight Loss are Waiting Outside

Diet and Weight Loss are Waiting OutsideDon’t let the cold weather fool you—spring is officially here. While it will still be another month or so before the crisp air turns warm, the light is at the end of the tunnel. The days are longer, the sun is shining brighter and chances are you are more than ready for a day outside.

The cold and short winter days make it difficult to enjoy Columbus, but spring and summer tell a different tale. This is great news for your diet and weight loss goals, as getting outside for a burst of activity can motivate you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Diet and weight loss in Columbus know no season, but chances are your motivation levels do. It is difficult to remain excited about your workout efforts when you are returning to the same packed gym day after day to get on a treadmill and watch sitcoms or reality TV shows while sweating up a storm. Gyms are havens for weight loss, but they aren’t everything. The great outdoors has benefits that no gym can compete with.

Here are a few benefits that come with exercising outside:

  • Improved Immune Function: Our bodies absorb vitamin D from the sun, and vitamin D improves immune system strength. Another plus of getting outside is reduced exposure to germs which linger on every piece of cardio and strength training machinery that you touch.
  • Rejuvenated Mindset: The fresh air, sunshine and sensory stimulation are all beneficial to our mental health. Getting outside can help you manage stress, ward off depression and even boost your motivation to keep going.
  • More Energy: This is also due to vitamin D, which is a natural energy booster. As tempting as it may be to take in the sun right away, remember to wear sunscreen or protective clothing to prevent burns.
  • Fresh Air: Face it, gyms aren’t known for their appealing scents. When you head outside you can take in the floral aromas of spring and the freshness of each passing breeze.

There are plenty of ways to get outside and boost your medical weight loss efforts this spring. Skip a day on the treadmill and go for a walk or jog outside. Gyms are a great tool as you are losing weight, but you don’t need to limit your exercise to their confines. Get outside for an extra boost of sunshine and motivation as you are losing weight this spring.

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