Do You Have “Creeping Obesity?”

Do You Have “Creeping Obesity”“Creeping obesity” describes the common pattern of adults gaining small amounts of weight over time. What factors contribute to “creeping obesity?”

  • jobs that are less physically-demanding
  • hours spend in car commuting
  • increased availability of inexpensive convenience food and one-stop shopping
  • “addiction” to carbohydrate and/or fat
  • increased consumption of food-away-from-home
  • home appliances and equipment that make lives simpler and easier (but results in the user burning fewer calories)
  • rising tobacco prices resulting in fewer smokers but contributing to increased food intake
  • consumer lack of awareness of calories in alcohol
  • lack of or no interest in nutrition education
  • disinterest or unwillingness to cook

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How many of these factors describe you?  If several of these factors characterize you, it is time to “stop the creep” by making some habit changes.
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Fran Matteson, MS, RD

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