Do You Know the Difference between an RD and RDN?

Do you know the difference between RD and RDNRegistered dietitians now have the option of using a new credential, “registered dietitian nutritionist” or RDN. The new credential RDN emphasizes the nutrition aspect of the credential. So a registered dietitian may be listed as an RD or RDN. All registered dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. Registered dietitians have at least a 4- year baccalaureate degree with an internship, and have taken a registration exam.

All our dietitians at the Central Ohio Nutrition Center are registered dietitians and some have advanced degrees! You may see RD or RDN behind their name. What makes CONCI unique is the role the dietitians play in our center. The RDNs at CONCI all have special training and a passion for the treatment of obesity!

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