Eat Well – No Matter What Your Age!

There seems to be no age limit on eating well. A study presented by Afonso MD of Wayne State University in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that a good diet reduces the risk of death, even in an elderly population with health problems. Approximately 4000 people aged 65 were studied and their diets were scored according to the Healthy Eating Index (US Dept of Agriculture). The index includes the intake of fruits and vegetables, salt, meat and beans, and oils. The researchers found that only 18% of the participants actually had a diet that that was above a score of 80 or a “good” diet.

After a follow-up of 13 years, the participants who had a high score on the index (80 or greater) had a 37% reduction in the risk of death, compared to those whose intakes were in the poor range. 62% of those with the “good” diet died as compared with 78% of those with the “poor” diet. It appears that it is never too late to improve your health with good nutrition!

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