Eating Healthy on the Clock

Eating Healthy on the ClockIn Columbus, diet and weight loss don’t stop at home. If you want to meet your weight loss goals, you will need to incorporate your new healthy habits into all aspects of your lifestyle—including the 40 hours a week or more that you spend at work.

Whether you work in an office building, school, hospital or elsewhere, you probably spend a large chunk of your time and mental energy at your workplace. What we eat for breakfast every morning often depends on the amount of time we have to get out of bed and get out the door. Dinner often depends on how fatigued you are after a long day of meetings and work obligations. But lunch is impacted by your workplace even more than other meals.

The vast majority of Americans eat lunch at work every day, and for many people this means popping out for half an hour to grab a sandwich from the deli down the street—or worse, a burger, piece of pizza or heaping pile of fried anything. When it comes time for lunch, such menu items are the norm. It is hard to find a gourmet healthy meal in a fast food restaurant, and with only 30 minutes to eat and return to your desk your options are pretty limited.

Eating healthy at work is one part food choice and one part good behavior. Developing healthy eating habits requires more than making smart meal choices. It involves changing your mindset towards where, when, how and why you are eating. By adopting a healthier attitude towards food you can change the way that you eat at the workplace, and enhance your weight loss progress in the process.

Here are a few tips to eat healthier at work:

  • Bring your own lunch. If you follow a meal replacement program then you can get into the good habit of bringing your meals from home. OPTIFAST shakes aren’t sold through a local drive-thru. If you want to keep up with your meal plan, you need to plan ahead. Keep up this habit even after transitioning back to whole foods.
  • Find buddies for support. If you stay open about your desire to improve your health and lose weight, you might find that someone else in your workplace has similar goals. Team up with others who are also trying to eat healthy to build accountability in the office.
  • Exercise during your break. You don’t need a full 30 minutes to eat your lunch, especially if you are cutting your portions down to size. Spend at least 10 minutes of your lunch break taking a walk around your office or through the parking lot. As an added bonus, this can give you an extra burst of energy.

Even while you are following the OPTIFAST meal plan, you will have to adopt healthier habits to stay on track. Your weight loss doctor can help you determine what to eat for your personal diet plan, but you will still need to develop healthier habits like the ones listed above to change the way you approach your midday meal time.

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