Eating Out as you Lose Weight

Eating Out as you Lose Weight in ColumbusEveryone loses weight differently. Some people benefit from restrictive diet plans while others find it easier to limit calories and exercise more often. As you make the effort to lose weight in Columbus these are factors that your weight loss program will take into consideration. However, there are a few factors of weight loss that are pretty universal. Most people trying to lose weight agree that eating out is hard to do when you are trying to watch what you eat.

There are a few reasons why dining out is so difficult. For starters, it’s impossible to tell how the dish is made when you aren’t preparing the food yourself. There could be excess calories hiding in every bite due to the way a dish is prepared. Portion sizes and tempting desserts can also make eating out hard, but at least these are factors you are usually aware of as you indulge.

Many people are surprised to learn the calorie content of their favorite restaurant dishes, but if you paid more attention to the menu when ordering you might not be so shocked. Menus are infamous for using terms that may come across as simple description, but are really telltale signs of excess calories and fat. By learning how to identify red flags you can order healthy foods off of even the most tempting menu.

Ordering Tips to Lose Weight in Columbus

Dishes creatively titled after an old regular or a favorite waiter aren’t going to give you much insight into how a dish is prepared, but the short description that follows may be able to. Don’t let yourself get carried away by a description—use them to your advantage as you decipher what is healthy and what is not.

Here are a few words to avoid when perusing a menu:

  • Au gratin: In other words, cheesy.
  • Basted: Cooked in animal fat—usually butter, but sometimes lard.
  • Broasted: A fancy way to say fried.
  • Breaded: Added calories that are usually unnecessary. Plus, breaded often means it is fried.
  • Crispy: Breaded and fried.
  • Sautéed: While sautéing isn’t bad on its own, you need to ask what the item is sautéed in. This often means butter.
  • Smothered: Usually in cheese.
  • Pan fried: It is still fried, and from a health perspective not much different than deep-fried.

Instead of these words, keep an eye out for healthy cooking terms like baked, broiled, grilled, poached and stir fried. Also, you can avoid cream bases by ordering foods that are cooked in a “tomato base” or are made “in their own juice.”

Jot down a few of these useful terms before heading out to eat and you might just find yourself feeling good—not guilty—when heading home.

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